London Metropolitan University – Guest Lecturer

Stacy Chan Speaking at London Metropolitan University

Masters students studying Fashion Marketing and undergraduates studying International Fashion Marketing Strategy this semester each attended lectures by our Founder Stacy Chan. Both sessions covered Stacy’s unique background and entry into fashion and the building blocks of the industry, sharing insights into PLATFORM’s business model, and the specific curation that goes in to building customer and designer trust in our community.

In turn, the students who hailed from different countries and industries asked many diverse questions ranging from business topics like how to production and pricing works and our target audience, to philosophical questions about life and the trials of entrepreneurship. Both classes were interesting discussion about making choices in business and in life.

Working closely with the course leader Nastaran Richards-Carpenter, the students will work on applying the strategies they have learned during the semester to a project on how to effectively market PLATFORM as a small business that supports independent, sustainable designers and is focused on building its London community before looking at expansion opportunities globally. The presentations are sure to be as insightful as the previous lectures!

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