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What is sustainable fashion?

In today’s world, climate change and sustainability, especially related to fashion, are hot topics. Every brand and company tries to scatter their about pages with buzz words in hopes that either you don’t know what they mean, or that you won’t take the time to read the text. However, if you dig a little deeper, most claims of sustainable fashion are nothing more than “greenwashing” or pretending to have sustainable practices when they are untrue.

But what really IS sustainability as it pertains to the fashion industry then? I often say that “sustainable fashion” is if we are not buying or making anything new. And there are many admirable businesses focused on re-selling, upcycling and repair (we run a visible mending workshop as well!) or our existing garments.

However, to the extent that we still view fashion as a form of self-expression or art combined with utility (which I do), at PLATFORM, we strive to be transparent about where our pieces come from and how they are made. It’s not about achieving perfection, but about taking steps in the right direction for a better planet for us all. There are a few criteria we consider for brands who want to be part of the PLATFORM community that ensure we share the same ethos and care for people and the planet.

Natural / Recycled Materials

We focus on natural materials in the store. This means that you will find organic cotton, wool, silk, linen and cashmere at PLATFORM, but you will not find jumpers made from acrylic or polyester dresses (unless they are recycled polyester).

Leather accessories that we sell are either made from real natural leather (a product of the meat industry, durable and long lasting) or from vegan leathers (which are plant derived, but may contain petroleum). I am happy to have a discussion around these materials as I have done quite a bit of research on the topic, but importantly, PLATFORM is about transparency and giving you the knowledge to make informed purchasing decisions that are true to your ethics.

The jewellers that we work with are selected based on the highest quality materials as well. They use recycled solid gold, gold vermeil or solid sterling silver to craft their collections, ensuring the longevity of these special pieces.

Valentina Knitting in Store

Ethical Production

As the world becomes smaller and smaller, it is easier to see the impact that we have on the people around us, even if they live in different parts of the world. Social responsibility is an important piece of the sustainability framework at PLATFORM.

As a London-based store, the majority of our designers are based in London or England. However, regardless of where the designer or brand is based, PLATFORM values ethical production and quality craftsmanship.

Many of our designers produce small quantities in workshops in London, while others produce in European countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal. Some are producing in New York and others a bit further afield, but we always ask all our brands: where are you producing, why are you producing there and what are the working conditions? One time, a particularly feisty brand owner asked me “why do you want to know?” I said, “Because I am standing behind the products we sell and I want to know that they are not the result of human suffering.” And I think our customers care about this too.

Wearable Design

I do not want PLATFORM to be about throw-away items that you wear once when they are “on-trend” and then get lost in the back of your closet, never to be seen again until you’re moving house. I have said to customers in the store, “we all have too much stuff these days. I don’t want you to buy something unless you feel a connection to the piece or the designer/maker.”

We pride ourselves on selling beautifully made statement pieces that will last for years to come, incredible wardrobe staples that you can pull out day after day and helping you discover designers that speak to your timeless style that you will be excited to wear again and again.

Made in London, organic cotton white Shirt Dress - The Array


At PLATFORM, by focusing on premium materials, quality craftsmanship and distinct design, sustainability and longevity go hand in hand, elevating the everyday in to something special.