International Women’s Day

International Women's Day 2022 Invite


For International Women’s Day 2022, we partnered with Crowned Social Club and WoW Women on Women members clubs over cocktails and canapés to discuss the power of women working together.

PLATFORM has been the location of a number of Crown Social Club events, an organisation that was formed by Dami Babalola as a supportive environment for professional women to network and socialise.  The founder of WoW, Marianna Penna, has been a long-time customer of PLATFORM since our early days in 2017.  She founded her group to help market and support female business owners.  These two organisation and our collaborations embody a message of the how women can and should help each other, which is close to the heart of PLATFORM founder, Stacy Chan.

Indeed, in her message to the women gathered on the evening, “the point of PLATFORM was to bring together amazing designers so that we could work together.  PLATFORM would not exist without the hard work of the amazing women (and men) that I get to collaborate with every day.”

International Women's Day at PLATFORM

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