Ring Sizing

Good news, you can measure yourself.

Using a ribbon or a string, tie it around your finger so it’s not too tight or loose.
Hold it in place and with the other hand (or someone’s help) make a mark on both
parts of the ribbon where they meet. Open it flat beside a ruler and measure
how many millimetres. That is the circumference measurement.
Then just compare it to the UK sizing and you’re ready to go.



 Here are a few things you should consider before measuring your finger:

 If you measure your finger and find that your size is in between two different
sizes, you should pick the larger size. Remember that due to temperature changes.

your finger may shrink in the cold or expand in the heat. 

 Your ring should fit comfortably, so that it is tight enough not to fall off, but loose

enough to slide over your knuckles.

*If you can’t find your size, please write us so we can assist you on that.