PLATFORM is a collective of independent designers who share the values of distinct design and quality craftsmanship.  Our designers are co,cited to slow fashion and ethical production.  Working with small factories in limited runs, each brand has a story to tell.

This contribution to the slow-fashion movement was born from our co-founders' desire to help small independent brands like their own reach customers.  After organising several successful pop-up stores in central London, the positive feedback from both brands and the public was undeniable.  People are looking for unique, well-made products and want to support small brands.

When we are not in store, you can find most of our designers and others here.  We hope you take the time to learn about our designers and the stories they have to tell.



Our founders Stacy Chan and Fariba Soltani come from non-traditional backgrounds.  Stacy spent 10 years working in finance in New York, London and Geneva before starting her own handbag label.  Fariba also had a successful career in interior architecture when she opted to follow her dream to build a designer scarf brand.

Our founders met while they were exhibiting in Paris Fashion Week and became fast friends as they realised they shared an honesty and vision for building their businesses.  After joining a few pop-ups that they felt did not align with their vision of quality and design, they began to organise their own shops.

Today, they continue to run their own brands and are excited about the future of PLATFORM, a portal for both designers and customers alike to participate in their shared vision.