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The Wish Throw - Buttercream


This 100% cashmere throw is love at first touch. It's incredibly soft, warm and comfortable without being too weighty, an every day kind of luxury. Lounging on the sofa with a good book will quickly become your favourite pastime, when you're cuddled up under our luxurious wishbone pattern cashmere throw. 

Sigi Style throws are made in Mongolia from the finest quality, locally sourced cashmere yarns. The Mongolian climate with its cold and harsh winters is the perfect environment for cashmere goats, allowing them to develop the softest and finest undercoat, resulting in the highest quality fibres: soft to the touch and warm, but light weight.


100% Cashmere
Size: 180 x 110cm
Weight: 550kg
Dry clean or hand wash recommended


Sigrid Mueller, the designer of Sigi Style, is a lawyer by education, a wife and a mom and has had, what she considers to be, the good fortune of having lived on three continents and the opportunity to travel extensively. All these experiences have influenced her life and Sigi Style.

"I have always liked style and elegance but I have an almost obsessive dislike of wastefulness which is why my relationship to fashion - an extremely wasteful industry - is very much a love-hate relationship. I have always rejected the idea of a need for constantly changing seasonal collections and the pressure that one needs to constantly update one’s wardrobe in order to be in step with the latest trends."

This is why when she embarked on the adventure of launching her own ‘fashion’ brand, Sigrid struggled with how to make the fashion part work with what she believes in. The result is that her products are elegant and timeless as supposed to just trendy, versatile instead of merely seasonal and of the highest possible quality, so that they can be used for many, many years.

Sigi Style is a luxury cashmere brand manufacturing home and fashion accessories from only the highest quality, locally sourced Mongolian cashmere fibers. Sigi Style's promise to you…You’ll notice the quality difference, both the very first time you touch one of their designs and for many years to come.

The Wish Throw - Buttercream
The Wish Throw - Buttercream

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