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SMOOTH Hyaluronic Acid with Lime and Geranium 30 ml


We love Desavery's commitment to using natural ingredients that work.  No complicated skincare regimes, just simple, effective products. The Smooth Hyaluronic Acid with Lime and Geranium is one of the Brand's most popular item.  Its energising smell is lovely and it is vegan.


A pure plant-based intensive moisturiser, our hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps skin for a healthy smooth complexion. Lightweight and silky smooth, this hyaluronic acid has a high molecular weight so it's easily absorbed into the top layer of the skin where it deeply hydrates and prevent moisture loss throughout the day.

Key Benefits

  • Works for every skin type
  • Despite being called an ‘acid’ its soothing and doesn’t strip skin
  • Creates a visible difference, plumping and smoothing skin
  • A perfect toner that can be used before moisturising
  • Paired with an oil or moisturiser forms part of a simple two-step routine the boosts skin health

Why it works

  • The compound absorbs many times its weight in water and when applied to a slightly damp face, it acts like a sponge, absorbing moisture and plumping skin to minimise small wrinkles, smoothing your complexion and make you look like you’ve had a great night’s sleep!
  • Lime and geranium are stimulating, refreshing and uplifting. They both have natural astringent and antioxidant properties that tone and firm skin and provide protection from free radicals.


Apply a drop about the size of a 5p coin and massage into damp skin (perfect after a shower). It’s silky smooth and dries very quicky. Seal in all the moisture with a moisturising facial oil.


Desavery makes beautiful plant-based skincare products that impact your biochemistry so that you’ll not only look great, you’ll feel great too.  Founder Andrea Dinnick has incorporated the latest scientific evidence about how inhaling certain plant ingredients can improve our mood, cognition and even energy levels.

All of Desavery products are organic, vegan and the ingredients are sustainably sourced from around the world. Desavery’s product line includes Stellar Daily Serum designed to lower cortisol levels and boost your mood, DREAM an evening cleanser that will make you feel sleepy at the end of the day and gift boxes for both men and women.

SMOOTH Hyaluronic Acid with Lime and Geranium 30 ml
SMOOTH Hyaluronic Acid with Lime and Geranium 30 ml

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