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Sleep and Sanitize Set


We love how LLIO modernises spirituality.  With luxe, colourful packaging, and beautiful crystals, the brand's products look stunning and smell amazing whether you are looking for crystal healing or just some pampering.


Deep sleeps and clean hands give us strength to see us through…

Stylishly sanitize and sleep magically with Sweet Dreams Amethyst Sleep Spray and we’ve got clean hands covered with Crystal Clear Lapis Lazuli Hand Sanatiser.

Stylishly sanitize and smell addictively gorgeous, cleanse, refresh and feel comforted with LLIO alcohol-based sanitiser, formulated to banish bacteria. Make sanitizing time, a happy and exciting time. Our crystal clear Lapis Lazuli Hand Sanitizer has passed, EN 1276 and EN 1500 testing to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Spritz away impurities and restore peace of mind. The practical benefits of our 70% alcohol-based formula are complemented with a delicious geranium and sweet orange scent. To make your cleansing routine a touch more glamorous, our sanitiser is charged with the healing and protective properties of deep blue Lapis Lazuli gemstones, clearing negativity and restoring balance.

Sweet Dreams Amethyst Sleep Spray – Spritz our blend of soothing lavender true, geranium, deep vetiver and rosewood onto your pillow. Lavender True is a natural sleep aid that soothes the soul, helping you to relax and unwind. Feel a shift of energy to peace and serenity. Calm anxiety and overthinking. Our Sweet Dreams Sleep Spray is charged with amethyst crystals, so you wake up blissfully. Switch off to deep sleep and re-charge; a good night’s sleep is essential for your best self.

Sweet dreams & clean hands, LLIO loves...

  • Packaging is handmade in Wales/England
  • Optional boxes with beautiful tie-dye ribbon created by talented fashion illustrator Poppy Waddilove
  • £1 of every sale to Winston’s Wish - Winston’s Wish – a charity giving hope to grieving children


    Sweet Dreams Amethyst Sleep Spray 

    • Lavender – an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) and sedative, to increase relaxation and calm
    • Rosewood – Aphrodisiac, and very soothing to the mind. Balances the emotions.
    • Geranium – with an aroma that smells like roses, geranium can reduce stress and has a sedative effect.
    • Vetiver – a deep oil to ground you and find your magic centre

    Crystal Clear Lapis Lazuli Hand Sanitiser

    Ingredients: Vocatus, aqua, Lapis Lazuli gemstones, pelargonium graveolens (geranium), citrus sinensis (sweet orange), glycerol


      Nia Thomas' creation of LLIO is a journey of darkness to light, following the sudden passing of her mother, Llio who went to beauty school at age 16 and regularly blended oils in their family home. Following a 3+ year journey of aromatherapy studies, crystal healing, and meditation, Nia launched her brand.

      LLIO is a spiritually charged beauty brand, bath & body essential oil blends infused with gemstone crystals to create Crystoil elixirs. Crystals carry energy and vibrations of their own and power at a higher vibrational frequency bringing you love (rose quartz), abundance (citrine), calm (amethyst) and grounding (obsidian).

      Sleep and Sanitize Set
      Sleep and Sanitize Set

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