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TRIO Discovery Box


We love Desavery's commitment to using natural ingredients that work.  No complicated skincare regimes, just simple, effective products. This box contains the Brand's three key products for you to begin your new skincare routine.


The Desavery complete skincare routine all in one purchase. Each product comes in a 10ml glass bottle giving you a few months supply of our Smooth Hyaluronic Acid, Stellar Daily Serum featuring prickly pear seed oil and our Dream Oil Cleanser. An effective skincare routine on its own or to add to an existing routine. A great gift as it works well for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth Hyaluronic Acid plumps and hydrates skin, boosting skin’s moisture and leaving a soft, plumped complexion.
  • Stellar Daily Serum with prickly pear seed oil and other nutrient-rich, organic plant oils moisturises, softens, protects and encourages skin cell renewal. This can be used in place of a moisturiser.
  • Dream Oil Cleanser cleans makeup and daily grime without disturbing skin’s pH balance or disrupting the skin’s acid mantle. It also makes you sleepy before bed with plant ingredients that will have you zzzzz’ing before you know it.


  • Smooth Hyaluronic Acid is made with pure, plant-based hyaluronate. It has a strength of 1% and an appropriate large molecule that works on skin’s surface for a dewy, plumped glow.
  • Stellar Daily Serum’s powerhouse ingredient is prickly pears seed oil. The superfood of plant oils with high levels of fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin K and tocopherol.
  • Dream Daily Serum is made with camellia seed oil which is rich in fatty acids and softening on skin. Spikenard, from the Valerian plant family is sleep inducing upon inhalation.

Why it works

  • Our skincare routine is all about boosting your skin’s health and deeply hydrating and nourishing skin.
  • Each of our products has a pH level that protects the skin’s natural microbiome which strengthens skin’s ability to protect and hydrate itself.
  • Smooth Hyaluronic Acid gives your complexion a plumped look, minimising small ‘tired’ lines as well as holding moisture within the top layers of skin.
  • Stellar Serum is quickly absorbed into skin and never leaves an oily feeling.
  • Our Dream Cleanser cleans your skin without stripping and stressing skin.


Apply a drop about the size of a 5p coin of the Smooth Hyaluronic Acid and massage into damp skin (perfect after a shower). It’s silky smooth and dries very quickly.

Immediately apply a few drops of Stellar Daily Serum to seal in all that moisture and nourish skin. Inhale clary sage, bergamot and frankincense to balance your mood and lower cortisol levels.

In the evening use the Dream Oil Cleanser by applying to dry skin. Massage and then wipe away dirt and grime with a wet, warm flannel. You can also apply Stellar Serum as a night oil.


Desavery makes beautiful plant-based skincare products that impact your biochemistry so that you’ll not only look great, you’ll feel great too.  Founder Andrea Dinnick has incorporated the latest scientific evidence about how inhaling certain plant ingredients can improve our mood, cognition and even energy levels.

All of Desavery products are organic, vegan and the ingredients are sustainably sourced from around the world. Desavery’s product line includes Stellar Daily Serum designed to lower cortisol levels and boost your mood, DREAM an evening cleanser that will make you feel sleepy at the end of the day and gift boxes for both men and women.

TRIO Discovery Box
TRIO Discovery Box
TRIO Discovery Box

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