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Mera Chair - Dark


We love how Kam Ce Kam marries architectural, modern design with the traditional craftsmanship of the designer's culture.  In addition, the brand consciously utilises natural and sustainably-sourced materials for production.


Inspired by a traditional cane chair design, this chair is a contemporary version of a much loved classic that we have seen in many forms.

  • Double-cane backing
  • Spoke-shaved frame in a solid ash with smooth edges
  • Available in rich black polish or gentle natural ash finish
  • Leather seat cushion adds an element of soft luxury to this earthy piece


Materials: Black ash or natural ash, double cane. Coir seat pad, customisable fabric
Dimensions: 775mm high, 615mm wide, 530mm deep, 480mm seat height



Designer Jehanara Knowles grew up between New Delhi and London, fuelling her passion for the fusion of modern and traditional in her early years. With a background in architecture, while attending Central St. Martins, Jehanara worked at an interior and architectural design before realising that furniture design was her true passion.

Kam Ce Kam is a furniture and interiors brand born from a passion for innovative design conceived through traditional methods of manufacturing.  The brand name translates to ‘At the very least’ in Hindi which is the brand's philosophy: ‘At the very least’ they encourage people to acquaint themselves with how crafts are rooted in history and culture by creating designs that relate to their everyday living.

Mera Chair - Dark
Mera Chair - Dark

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