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Masaum Coffee Table 2 - Marble Off-Cuts Top


Black Ash
Natural Ash
This Mausam Coffee Table is part of the Mausam Collection, which translates to weather, is derived from memories of an Indian monsoon. The design combines two strong materials which have been given a delicate form through the craftsmanship of carefully carving details into the piece.
  • Adaptation of the original Mausam Coffee Table featuring marble top made from marble off cuts set into resin to reduce waste from the marble industry
  • Base available in black or natural ash
  • Stock available now: mosaic marble top on natural ash base
  • Lead time for custom order: 6-8 weeks


Materials: Top made from mixed marble off cuts set in resin. Available in a black ash or natural ash frame.
Dimensions: 900mm diameter, 450mm tall.


Creative Director of the brand and designer of the debut collection, Jehanara Knowles grew up between New Delhi and London, fuelling her passion for the fusion of modern and traditional in her early years. With a background in architecture, while attending Central St. Martins, Jehanara worked at an interior and architectural design firm for five years. After two years, she realised that furniture design was her true passion and began work on the idea for Kam Ce Kam.

Jehanara has a strong connection to India and wanted to create a brand that celebrated the rich resources of India and show them in a contemporary light.  Kam Ce Kam is a furniture and interiors brand born from a passion for innovative design conceived through traditional methods of manufacturing. From the material to the making, the story is one of passion and integrity, coupled with a genuine desire to revive the heritage of Indian craft in a considered, conscious and contemporary manner.

Kam Ce Kam translates to ‘At the very least’ in Hindi and this has become the brand’s philosophy: ‘At the very least’ we encourage people to acquaint themselves with crafts rooted in the history of traditional culture by creating designs that relate to their every-day living.  In addition, a conscious drive to utilise natural and sustainably sourced materials lies at the heart of Kam Ce Kam’s production.