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DREAM Oil Cleanser 30 ml


We love Desavery's commitment to using natural ingredients that work.  No complicated skincare regimes, just simple, effective products. This oil cleanser is lovely and doesn't strip your skin with harsh chemicals.


A light, nourishing oil that not only cleanses beautifully but also makes you feel sleepy. Desavery's unique combination of botanical ingredients gently remove makeup and daily grime as well as being specifically designed to induce relaxation and prepare you for a true beauty sleep. 

Key Benefits

  • Removes dirt and makeup with a few swipes
  • Softens and nourishes skin throughout the night
  • Encourages elasticity and prevents wrinkles
  • Great for all skin types including oily skin

Why it works

  • Low alkaline formula protects skin’s enzymes and microbiome which are central to skin repair, wrinkle prevention and elasticity
  • When massaged into the skin, the oil cleanser binds to surface impurities and are rinsed away without clogging pores or stripping the skin
  • Our combination of rose, frankincense, spikenard and ylang ylang when inhaled, lower heart rate, lower stress levels and induce relaxation


  • Camellia seed oil - A traditional Japanese ingredient, emollient and rich in fatty acids
  • Frankincense - anti-inflammatory, improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Rose Oil - packed with nutrients and when absorbed transdermally induces relaxation
  • Spikenard - from the Valerian plant family, inhalation has been shown to induce and prolong sleep
  • Castor Oil - evens skin tone, natural cleanser


Apply to dry skin, massage the nourishing oil around your face, close eyes to gently massage any areas with makeup. Meanwhile run hot water over a face cloth or flannel, squeeze it out, drape over your face as the steam and oils melt away impurities. Wipe away the makeup and grime to leave soft, clean skin. An additional moisturiser or oil serum can be used afterwards if desired.



Desavery makes beautiful plant-based skincare products that impact your biochemistry so that you’ll not only look great, you’ll feel great too.  Founder Andrea Dinnick has incorporated the latest scientific evidence about how inhaling certain plant ingredients can improve our mood, cognition and even energy levels.

All of Desavery products are organic, vegan and the ingredients are sustainably sourced from around the world. Desavery’s product line includes Stellar Daily Serum designed to lower cortisol levels and boost your mood, DREAM an evening cleanser that will make you feel sleepy at the end of the day and gift boxes for both men and women.

DREAM Oil Cleanser 30 ml
Oil Face Cleanser - Desavery

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