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Bone China Cup and Saucer - “Deadly Bloom” Floral Pattern


We love House of Hopstock's big personality!  Bold colours and interesting prints with a story behind each one.  The Deadly Bloom pattern's dramatic monochrome pallette is punctuated with splashes of bright colour and features beautiful, but toxic plants. Read more below.


A dramatic floral cup and saucer in a mostly black and white print, with orange, pink and red details, and decadent 22ct gold details.

  • Fine bone china with 22ct gold details
  • Cup is 8.5cm wide, 6.5cm tall with 220m capacity (filled to 1cm from rim)
  • Saucer is 12cm across
  • Microwave safe and dishwasher ‘safe’ up to 300 washes. Hand wash to best preserve gold paint
  • Designed and made in the UK


This decadent print for this floral cup and saucer is inspired by some of the world’s deadliest flowers. Namely the Deadly Nightshade, the ancient Roman emperors’ (or their respective family members) favourite choice when it came to assassinate each other. In addition, the Poison Hemlock that killed Socrates, and also the delicate yet infamous Opium Poppy, which story of destruction and delight still casts a powerful spell. In essence, a deliciously dark and dramatic display of opulence and decadence.

Always drawn to the tension between the darkly dramatic and the fragile, this print is elegant, sophisticated, and monochrome enough to fit almost any decor. A floral cup and saucer slightly out of the ordinary, because ordinary is, well, ordinary. And at HoH we settle only for extraordinary.

House of Hopstock uses a lot of the same colours in all their china products, which makes it easier for you to mix and match!


Aase Hopstock is a Norwegian-born artist who has lived in London for 16 years.  Having told aesthetic tales through stage costumes, her own footwear brand, as well as numerous published illustrated works, she developed an interest in the stories that drive people’s personal sense of colour and style.  In 2018, House of Hopstock was launched as her own illustrated universe, full of prints, vibrancy and colour.

The brand offers velvet cushions, fine bone china with 22ct gold detailing, kitchen textiles, wallpaper, fine art prints, as well as beauty bags and lavender-filled eye masks.  Great value is placed on the ideas of quality, sustainability, and permanence with entire production chain is based in the UK.

Bone China Cup and Saucer - “Deadly Bloom” Floral Pattern
Bone China Cup and Saucer - “Deadly Bloom” Floral Pattern
Bone China Cup and Saucer - “Deadly Bloom” Floral Pattern
Bone China Cup and Saucer - “Deadly Bloom” Floral Pattern
Bone China Cup and Saucer - “Deadly Bloom” Floral Pattern

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