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Anita Slip Dress


We love how Emily applies her years of high street design experience to sustainable clothing and adds her own unique prints inspired by travels and books.  The rich brown of this lovely slip dress is offset by the romantic floral pattern.


Inspired by sunsets over the cracked prairie earth, this is the perfect dress for day or night.

  • A versatile dress to slip on by itself or layer over a t-shirt
  • Hand-sketched and printed in the UK
  • Made in London


50% Rayon, 50% Viscose Outer
100% Polyester Lining
88cm Length
Hand Wash


Emily Jane Taylor began her eponymous brand with the aim of creating sustainable and ethically produced clothing. Having worked in the fashion industry for a number of years designing for high street customers, she wanted to design garments that are not trend-driven, but instead focus on timeless design, high quality make and local, sustainable production.

Emily designs all the prints using a combination of sketching, watercolour, felt-tip and digital manipulation and uses high quality fabrics such as silk and sustainable bamboo silk for the garments. All of her printing is done in the UK to support local industries and keep transport emissions low.

Anita Slip Dress

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