While we aim to champion creativity and design from independent designers, we are also equally committed to preserving our environment and the welfare of all people.  Therefore, our chosen designers all share in a belief in slow fashion and ethical production.

Through our website, you are able to place orders with small, independent brands who will ship directly to you.  We therefore do not hold large quantities of stock that needs to be sold at a large discount or discarded at the end of each season.  The brands and the people we work with recognise and share the importance of these values with us:



We choose to work with people and brands that are operating ethically through their sourcing of materials, production of their goods and also the treatment of their staff and partners.  As a rule, we work with and value honesty and openness with all our customers and partners.



We believe that fashion, art and lifestyle products have a place in this world – not as throw away items, but as seasonless products that will stand the test of time.  The brands that we work with are producing things that last; first-class production from quality materials made in small quantities.  Buying less and buying better means less unwanted items being produced, less items in landfills and a better planet for us all.



We want you to feel good about what you buy from us.  That means the products you buy need to be made in a way that respects the craftspeople who make them.  In many cases, the designer of the brand is also the maker of the products you see.  In other cases, the designers we partner with are producing in an ethical manner, with safe working conditions, minimum wages and workers’ rights.  These best-practices in consciously-made items can be reflected in the cost, but we believe this is something we are all willing to pay to respect our fellow humans.