Stacy Chan


Founded by Stacy Chan in 2013, the eponymous brand takes unique, minimalist construction as a starting point for luxury fashion.  Known for its clean lines and geometric shapes paired with bold colour, each handbag is at once classic and modern.

The luxury handbags are all designed in London and handmade in Italy.  The brand is dedicated to using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

The Stacy Chan brand serves the modern woman, whether she is dressing for work, out for an evening of cocktails, or off for a weekend in Rome, the handbags ensure she conveys luxury.

The brand's unique designs have been seen on British royalty, celebrities and bloggers. In addition, we have been included in The Telegraph, The Metro, Harper's Bazaar Online, and various other publications.  Stacy Chan is also the recipient of the first ever Pantone Colour Award in the Independent Handbag Design Awards and the 3rd Place Winner of FashionBasecamp's British Fashion Startup Award 2016.

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Stacy Chan Designer

Originally from New York, the designer worked for many years in the finance industry in NYC, London and Geneva before taking the leap into the world of fashion. Her love of clutch bags was the foundation for the brand with the intention of creating something unique in the market.

"When I think about the designers I love, they are both the ones that have changed the way we view shape and form, and also the ones which display an elegant simplicity. I wanted to stay true to both of those ideas."

After attending the London College of Fashion and a year working closely with a manufacturer in Italy, the brand was launched. The brand has since grown to include a wide range of larger handbags, underpinned by the ideals of unique, minimalist design and superior craftsmanship. 

Stacy is also Co-Founder & Managing Director of PLATFORM.