The number35 collection is by Andrea Cecile Cohen.  Andrea spent much of her life working in the luxury retail sector, Early on in her career Andrea became very aware of the dilemma professional women faced at work, how to find elegant clothing designs to suit their figures and that fitted in with their lifestyle. She identified with the many issues women felt around self-confidence and self esteem, and her main objective was to be able to empower women through inner knowledge and true self-acceptance.

Her passion for beautiful clothing led her to undertake training courses in pattern cutting, clothing design, fabrics and manufacture. Only then could she create a collection of clothing with clean lines, strong structure and beautiful fabrics.



number35 has been championed across the globe, by professional business women and today Andrea has a loyal following of business women, bankers, news anchors and lawyers. number35 is also famed with designing clothes for the US hit TV show, The Good Wife, as well as designing a niche collection of clothing with Emmy award nominated costume designer Daniel Lawson.