Bozena Jankowska


Bozena Jankowska is a London based designer with a passion for sustainability. She is a strong advocate of the slow fashion movement believing that clothes express a woman’s individuality and as such should be as individual as the wearer herself.  Bozena has take the ultimate and timeless wardrobe staple THE BLAZER to offer beautifully crafted personalised blazers – unique to each wearer.  Bozena brings you into the design process, enabling you to reflect your personality and individual style in your choice of limited edition fabrics, buttons and linings to create your own personal blazer. Each piece is made to order in London. Bozena Jonkowska Designer



Bozena Jankowska Designer

Bozena started her career path in Environmental Science, which led her on to finance, where for 16 years, she specialised in Sustainable and Responsible Investment at a global asset management firm. Sustainability has been a lifelong passion of Bozena’s so although she had defined a successful career path focusing on her passion, that path gradually became limiting. She decided to leave finance and decided to focus on creating something beautiful that helped women, just like herself, to feel effortlessly empowered to express their style whether it be in a professional environment or social life, but never losing touch with their individuality, sense of adventure or authenticity.

Bozena’s goal is to provide accessible luxury for women that are hardworking, mindful and free spirited. She seeks to help women feel effortlessly on point by creating blazers that are unique, personal and which give them the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at them.