Alexandra Kaiser


Launched in 2016 and based in London, Alexandra Kaiser offers luxury jumpsuits and dresses with love for superior craftsmanship and easy dressing. Driven by her passion for slow fashion, reflected in timeless, artistic designs and concerns for the environmental impact of fashion, Alexandra creates made-to-order garments for women stepping out of the loop of fast fashion and longing for pieces which embody true quality and longevity. Alexandra’s garments are manufactured in London with fabrics sourced in Europe, and exclude fur, silk and leather.

Alexandra Kaiser Brand 



Alexandra Kaiser Designer

Alexandra was born in Cologne (Germany) and educated in Frankfurt and Hamburg, with a focus on dress- and pattern-making, which strongly influenced her philosophy of highest quality and attention to detail in addition to her intrinsic thrive for sustainability.  

“We share a social responsibility to take note of the way we interact with our environment. I want to create a fashionable piece of art yet high-qualitative and sustainable, and inspire others around me to embrace the movement.”