Nia Thomas’ creation of LLIO is a journey of darkness to light, following the sudden passing of her mother, Llio who went to beauty school at 16 and regularly blended oils in the family home.

The brand was born out of Nia’s 3+ year journey of aromatherapy studies, crystal healing, meditation to arrive at self-love. Nia travelled the world to learn extensively about aromatherapy oils, learning alongside the best aromatherapists and balm creators.

Additionally, LLIO was created out of a desire to modernise spirituality after years of reading the words of Louise Hay and Gabrielle Bernstein and in memory of her mother, a mother’s love never dies…


LLIO is a spiritually charged beauty brand, bath & body essential oil blends infused with gemstone crystals to create Crystoil elixirs. Crystals carry energy and vibrations of their own and power at a higher vibrational frequency. LLIO crystals raise vibrations in love (rose quartz), abundance (citrine), calm (amethyst) and grounding (obsidian).

LLIO oils can be used as a body oil or for ritual baths, the perfect way to relax, reconnect to your magic and crystal charge yourself. Self-love is so important, love yourself first; everything else falls into place, miracles and magic then follow…


LLIO crystoils fuse together the finest ethically sourced crystals from Brazil with the highest grade essential and base oils. All the packaging is created in the UK, the boxes hand-cut by UK artisans and tie-dye inspired ribbon (a nod to the hippies) designed by artist Poppy Waddilove. LLIO is the haute couture of crystal healing, on a mission to encourage more self-love in the world, love yourself first with plenty of self-care.