Aase Hopstock is a Norwegian born artist who has spent the best part of 16 years in London. She has been obsessed with colour, form, texture, glamour, beauty and aesthetics, and not to mention a neatly sharpened set of pencils, since she can remember.

Having told aesthetic tales through stage costumes, her own footwear brand, as well as numerous published illustrated works, she developed a great interest in the stories and philosophies that drive people’s personal sense of colour and style. After growing somewhat weary of how the fashion cycle works, Aase decided to go back to her first love, drawing, and create a brand with a stronger sense of sustainability and permanence. 2018 saw the dawn of House of Hopstock and her own illustrated universe, full of prints, vibrancy and colour.



House of Hopstock has a unique aesthetic, focusing on modern, bold, and vibrant illustrated prints. It is neither shy nor understated. Stories are an important part of the brand, be it the story behind the product and who produced it, to the materials used, as well as the story behind each print. Currently the brand has a sumptuous offering of plump velvet cushions, fine bone china with 22ct gold detailing, kitchen textiles, wallpaper, fine art prints, as well as beauty bags and lavender-filled eye masks.

Great value is placed on the idea of quality, sustainability, and permanence. The entire production chain is based in the UK, with transparency and provenance being protagonists, and all print collections are made to last, making sure nothing is ever that dreaded phrase: ’last season’.