Adriana Chede Jewellery

Adriana is half Lebanese, but was born and grew up in Brazil before moving to Europe in 2016.  Since she was born, jewellery always represented a small sign of the celebration of life. She discovered her passion for jewellery in childhood when her father would gift her mother a piece of jewellery to celebrate the birth of each of their five children and special anniversaries.

Adriana earned a degree as a Product Designer before starting her career as a jewellery designer in 2008, studying Jewelery Design in Parson Paris and completing her Master's Degree with the highest grade at IED Rome.

Whilst developing her own brand, Adriana has worked with jewellery design houses in Copenhagen, Milan, Rome and Paris. In 2018, she made London her home to set up her eponymous fine jewellery business.

Adriana Chede designs delicate pieces for the modern woman. She sees jewellery as something special and aims to create long-lasting pieces that can be worn every day and won't fade with time. Each piece is a little talisman to be passed on to future generations.

Contemporary, timeless and versatile designs are made using traditional goldsmith techniques. Every piece of jewellery is handmade in her atelier, using natural Brazilian gemstones, diamonds, solid gold from recycled sources (9ct and 18ct) and sterling silver.





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Tube Studs Gold Earrings
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These solid gold stud earrings are a must-have that go with everything. Wear them alone or mix and match with other studs in your jewellery box. Elegant geometric stud earrings with 6mm diameter 9ct recycled solid gold Available individually or as a pair Made...

Fio Gold Stud Earrings
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The Fio earrings are our most beloved gold studs. They are the perfect everyday studs for yourself and also make a thoughtful gift for someone special. Elegant gold bar with an ear pin welded in the centre Simplistic studs handmade in 9ct and 18ct gold Easy...

Petite Earcuffs
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This piece is part of Adriana Chede's Petite Collection. Inspired by the effortless chic Parisian style. Featuring sparkly chains and little Diamonds.  Imagine being lost in the street of Paris. The scent of the parisian air, the lights illuminating the way. Rive...

Fio Gold Earcuff
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Setting the trend on ear cuffs with a minimalist style. Inspired by a long bar, these gold earcuffs are a great style for women of all ages. Part of the designer's Classica Collection. Minimalist style solid gold ear cuffs consisting of...

Link Gold Earrings
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Perfect for transition day to night, basic or bold, together or apart, the Link Gold Earrings consist of two parts that can be used independently.  Change up the style of the earrings and wear a number of different ways - the gold hoops...

Paris Earrings
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Th Paris Earrings are part of Adriana Chede's Petite Collection, inspired by effortless chic Parisian style and featuring sparkly chains and little diamonds.  Imagine being lost in the street of Paris. The scent of the Parisian air, the lights illuminating the way. Rive gauche,...

Horn Ring - Sterling Silver
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Our most famous ring was designed in Denmark the silver open horn ring for women. Inspired by Vikings and a great fashion ring by Adriana Chede.   Edgy design that suits multiple fingers and can transform every hand look Perfect...

Mini Ring
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Adriana's bestseller, the Mini Ring - that one gold ring every woman is looking for - a simple, but stylish 18ct Gold piece.  Part of her Classica Jewellery Collection.  A contemporary yet timeless piece. Solid gold mini ring can be worn on any finger...

Mini Chain Gold Ring
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This mini chain gold ring is a charming little piece you can use every day.  You can shower with it, go to the gym, go out for drinks...wear it on any occasion!  Designed with a thin chain to be both delicate and...

Third Eye Gold Ring
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A minimalist 9ct Gold ring for women designed in the shape of an eye. One single wire gives forms to this original Third Eye shaped ring. Handmade to the highest quality from sustainable 100% recycled gold Made in Adriana Chede's London atelier...

Petite D Ring
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The Petite D Ring is part of Adriana Chede's Petite Collection and is extremely light on the fingers, you won't even feel it - making it perfect as an everyday luxury. Handmade in 18ct Gold Diamond measures 1.3mm and the band is 0.80mm wide It...

Horn Ring - Gold
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Made for those fashion-conscious ladies who like to add a bit of rock and roll to the look. The Horn Ring is one of our bestsellers pieces, inspired by Vikings and Danish design after a few months living in Copenhagen....

The Eye Gold Ring
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The Eye Ring is part of The Eye collection, inspired by the London Eye.  These designs are sprinkled with real black diamonds each set in to an eye shape. Black Diamonds are believed to protect against bad energy and keep evil away, while the...

The Eye Bangle
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The Eye Bangle is part of The Eye collection, inspired by the London Eye.  These designs are sprinkled with real black diamonds each set in to an eye shape. Black Diamonds are believed to protect against bad energy and keep evil...

Renata Gold Bracelet
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A luxury curvy bracelet. An elegant solid gold bracelet from Adriana Chede's Classica Collection with inspiration taken from a trip to Italy The Renata Bracelet is a perfect contemporary bracelet for any lady, complementing any outfit to give a touch of class.  Combine with with...