Since Adriana was born, jewellery was always a small sign of celebration of life. She discovered her passion for jewellery still in childhood when her father used to gift her mother with a piece of jewellery to celebrate each of their five children’s birth and special anniversaries.

The children were also gifted a little coloured stone for their birth and both parents used to have all five little stones on a gold chain around their neck.

Adriana is half Lebanese, but was born and grew up in Brazil before moving to Europe in 2016. She graduated as a Product Designer and started her career as a jewellery designer in 2008, studying in Parson Paris and completing her Master’s Degree with the highest grade at IED Rome.

During the past 6 years whilst developing her own brand, Adriana has worked with jewellery designers’ houses in Copenhagen, Milan, Rome and Paris. In 2018 she made London her home to set up her fine jewellery business.



Adriana Chede designs delicate pieces for the modern woman. She sees jewellery as something special and aims to create long-lasting pieces that can be worn everyday and that won’t fade with time. Each piece is a little talisman to be passed on to future generations.

Inspired by beautiful things she sees, objects of daily life and by observing women and their relationship with themselves, Adriana has created her Nordica, Minima, Nuova, Classica, Urban, Exotica and Petite collections.

Contemporary, timeless and versatile designs are handmade with a traditional goldsmith technique. Every piece of jewellery is handmade in her atelier, using natural Brazilian gemstones, diamonds, solid gold from recycled sources (9ct and 18ct) and sterling silver.

Her creative process doesn’t follow fashion trends. It is not about fashion seasons, achieved at a much slower pace. Everything is handmade and therefore truly special.